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Scope of the offer

Not only do we deliver the products, we also offer complex services to our clients

We have highly qualified team of engineers ready to solve the most complex tasks. Below are the processes our team makes each day that we can willingly adjust to Your needs. Do you want to read more about our products? Go to Our Products.

Drone flights

Making drone flights with high quality equipment for multi and hyperspectral images.

  • We offer the possibility of data collecting with the use of unmanned aircraft (drone) and cameras with spectral resolution, enabling detailed observation and plant vegetation process analysis,
  • We also offer the process of sending and securing data and its transfer and interpretation so as to help you in Your tasks.

Software development outsourcing

Web development

  • Designing and implementing solutions with the use of NET, .NET Core, MVC, React, Redux, TypeScript, and many others,
  • Relational database modelling,
  • Creating solutions with the use of HTML, CSS, SASS/LESS.

Mobile development

  • Designing and implementing mobile applications for Android and iOS using ReactNative.

Cloud & DevOps

  • Management and configuration of complex solutions for Azure and AWS,
  • Creating, implementing and installing of applications distributed in Docker.

Quality Assurance

  • Software testing,
  • Test automation,
  • Running performance tests.

Research & Development

Research & Development

  • Spectral analysis using the spectrometer with the range 470-2500nm (VIS-NIR-SWIR),
  • Orthophotomap making while using the high quality DJI Matrice 210 with the camera Zenmuse X5S and DJI Phantom 4 Pro - in 20.8MPix quality,
  • Spectral orthophotomap making with the vegetation analysis using multispectral camera Parrot Sequoia+,
  • Data analysis using machine learning and artificial intelligence tools,
  • Implementation of the algorithms for image detection,
  • Preparations of artificial intelligence models for image analysis,
  • Researching the condition of technics in the area of precision farming, artificial intelligence, machine learning and picture processing,
  • Research equipment rental.

Automation, Robotics and Vision Systems

  • Preparing software for PLC Siemens STEP7 & TIA, WAGO drivers,
  • Creating visualisations for HMI and other applications for data visualisation,
  • Preparing robots simulation and offline software in Siemens Process Simulate,
  • Designing power supply, steering, measuring and checking systems, and robotised production lines,
  • Solution implementation at client’s venue.

Artificial Intelligence

  • Processing, analysis and interpretation of large data sets. We specialise in work with unusual images, (hyperspectral, thermovision among others) registered by using e.g. drones or satellite systems,
  • Algorithm preparation using machine learning technology,
  • Solution implementation by the use of leading tools and platforms (TensorFlow, PyTorch among others).

Product design

  • Running project workshops and project documentation preparation,
  • Prototyping web and mobile applications,
  • Designing UX/UI applications.

Data processing

  • Complex data set creation for client’s use,
  • Proposing cost and time-effective data preparation process,
  • Servicing data preparation for algorithms – marking images and verification of their work by experts,
  • Solution integration: for dedicated computing machines or with the use of in-cloud processing (MS Azure, Amazon Web Services among others) or on mobile (e.g. Nvidia Jetson).

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Our partners

When working on our projects we cooperate with many companies that help us deliver complex solutions and assist us in different actions such as:

  • Designing and producing of electronical devices as well as implementing embedded systems,
  • Implementation of measurement systems for storehouses and storage silos,
  • Implementation of vision systems for industry.

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