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Outsourcing IT

We have been involved in different outsourcing projects for clients mostly from UK, USA or Western Europe where we had to provide skillset
necessary to start projects from scratch, developing new features in existing systems or support and maintenance.

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Drone flights

Making drone flights with high-quality equipment for multi and hyperspectral images.

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Case Studies

We have been involved in case studies such as AGROS and METOS…

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Research & Development

- spectral analysis
- spectral orthophoto map making
- data analysis using machine learning
- preparations of artificial intelligence models

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Scope of the offer

Not only do we deliver the products, we also offer complex services to our clients

We have highly qualified team of engineers ready to solve the most complex tasks. Below are the processes our team makes each day that we can willingly adjust to Your needs. Do you want to read more about our products? Go to Our Products.

Software development outsourcing

Software development

QZ Team is built from well-rounded specialists, some of with 10+ years of experience in a variety of different technologies i.e.:

Even though we have dedicated people for particular roles (for example for Front End development), the main part of the team includes Full Stack Developers who are able to create both great front end with very functional backend.

Cloud & DevOps

Quality Assurance

Automation, Robotics and Vision Systems

Artificial Intelligence

Product design

As we have created our own products such as Agrechstudio, we have experience in introducing products to the market, handling end-users and customers. In both cases, high quality of the software is assured by our QAs who are involved in the process on a very early stage. What we can do for you?

Data processing

Drone flights

Making drone flights with high quality equipment for multi and hyperspectral images.

Research & Development

Research & Development

Case studies

Implements the project “development of a new variety of ground tomato dedicated for food processing and improved technology of its cultivation in order to obtain higher quality, repeated and efficient production in Polish climate conditions”.

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Our partners

When working on our projects we cooperate with many companies that help us deliver complex solutions and assist us in different actions such as:


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