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Focusing on services within agriculture digitalisation results from a higher eagerness of young generation to use new technologies, as well as the necessity in work optimization of farms so they can remain competitive on a global scale. How do we contribute?


AgTech Studio is a package of three products that are strictly connected with precise farming,  these are three innovative solutions that support work in agriculture.



Mobile application allowing to detect pathogens in tomatoes. After taking a photo of tomato leaves, the algorithm determines the health condition of the plant and identifies which disease the cultivation may be afflicted with. Thanks to the cooperation with the biggest tomato manufacturers in Poland the solution is still being tested and improved.


Field Status Report

Service for delivering current information to the farmer about the development of their cultivation and any anomaly taking place within the season. Thanks to the system the user will be able to set the effectiveness of activities in process (e.g. spraying), as well as gain knowledge in which areas the actions that will enable to achieve the forecasted financial results are required.


Field Book

Application (also in mobile version) used for on-going data noting regarding treatment on the field, key events/activities on crop development and financial data connected with your field. The entire set of this information enables the farmer to analyse and make rational decisions increasing the farm profitability.


Blocks on UP42 platform

Basing on Up42 platform we create tools needed to analyze Earth observation data (Remote Sensing). Our blocks, using satellite images calculate: NDVI,  NBR, SIPI, SAVI, CIgreen, ARVI.

All our blocks can visualize indexes as RGB GeoTIFF files. The output can be opened in GIS tools like QGIS or ArcGIS. With the parameter colormap, the user can choose the colormap which will be used in rendering.

YellowAI - rapeseed cultivation detection close at hand

We prepare algorithms for rapeseed cultivation detection using the algorithms of artificial intelligence, packed in simple and user-friendly tool set. Basing on satellite images YellowAI scans the area looking for blooming fields of rapeseed. The system analyses on an ongoing basis hundreds of satellite images from subsequent periods in order to get the best results.


Satellite images

We obtain satellite images of the Earth presented in different aspects.


Artificial Intelligence and machine learning

The system increases its effectiveness in cultivation detection by using algorithms and machine learning.


Data analysis and reports

Our specialists guard constant optimization of calculations and adjusting the network of artificial intelligence to the individual client’s needs.


Zibees Yards - more honey from apiary for Your family and clients

Zibees Yards enables easy and fast seeking of the best places for setting migratory apiary. Basing on geo-satellite images ZiBees indicates optimal location for setting apiaries. Application map, basing on the intelligent video analysis, gives precise information as to the type of crop that we want to obtain, its quantity and the time of pollination start.


Find a perfect spot for Your apiary

Seeking the best spots for your apiary will be much easier thanks to ziBees. The search engine allows to filter results including types of plants, location or plants abundance.


Manage your apiary

Add your apiaries and manage them on the map. Transfer them easily to spots suggested by the application.


Blooming forecasting

Basing on satellite data the application is able to forecast crop blooming and suitably earlier inform You so that you can prepare for the location change of your apiary.

Development products that we are working on

Below we present some products that we are currently working on. Should you like to find out more about them or have an idea for something innovative, e-mail us at  na hello@qzsolutions.pl or use the contact form.


Mobile application used for precise and automated identification of factors threatening specific cultivation (pest, weed and disease) and choosing the right counter-measure which is supposed to eliminate the imprecise choice of plant weed protection product and limit inappropriate use of several products instead of just one.



Advanced tool for experimenting and creating new vegetation indexes, created for the scientists working with multi and hyperspectral data.


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