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Focusing on services within agriculture digitalisation results from a higher eagerness of young generation to use new technologies, as well as the necessity in work optimization of farms so they can remain competitive on a global scale. How do we contribute?


RSP alertsatellite crop monitoring

RSP alert allows you to monitor changes taking place in crops and determines their condition and stress using satellite imaging technology.


Always stay up-to-date by monitoring your crops with reports 



Identify areas for intervention so you can go to them right away and investigate the cause 


Take action 

Reduce crop loss by finding and solving problems sooner

Fertilization planner

Fertilization planner - an application for the precise planning of areas of variable fertilization

Thanks to the analysis of plant biomass using the ndvi index, we can export a ready map to a working machine, e.g. a nitrogen fertilizer spreader. The use of such a map makes it possible to fertilize with nitrogen depending on the needs of plants in a given area.


Ability to stay within the limits of the nitrates directive


Appropriate adjustment of the nitrogen dose


Real cost reduction and savings of up to 20%


Revolutionary soil testing with hyperspectral data from satellite or plane using scientific algorithms, replacing the classic physical sampling and testing in a laboratory.


Use less fertilizers and protect your soil 

Thanks to our solution, you will be able to optimize the use of fertilizers and dose them exactly where you need it. 


Ready in a few days 

You don’t have to wait weeks for results from a chemical lab. With our satellite (or air) service, your map is ready in days, not weeks 


Replace laborious soil sampling

With an automated service like SoilEO, there is no need to take physical soil samples. This way you will have less hassle and less human error during the soil sampling process.

YellowAI - rapeseed cultivation detection close at hand

We prepare algorithms for rapeseed cultivation detection using the algorithms of artificial intelligence, packed in simple and user-friendly tool set. Basing on satellite images YellowAI scans the area looking for blooming fields of rapeseed. The system analyses on an ongoing basis hundreds of satellite images from subsequent periods in order to get the best results.


Satellite images

We obtain satellite images of the Earth presented in different aspects.


Artificial Intelligence and machine learning

The system increases its effectiveness in cultivation detection by using algorithms and machine learning.


Data analysis and reports

Our specialists guard constant optimization of calculations and adjusting the network of artificial intelligence to the individual client’s needs.


Blocks on UP42 platform

Basing on Up42 platform we create tools needed to analyze Earth observation data (Remote Sensing). Our blocks, using satellite images calculate: NDVI,  NBR, SIPI, SAVI, CIgreen, ARVI.

All our blocks can visualize indexes as RGB GeoTIFF files. The output can be opened in GIS tools like QGIS or ArcGIS. With the parameter colormap, the user can choose the colormap which will be used in rendering.

Development products that we are working on

Below we present some products that we are currently working on. Should you like to find out more about them or have an idea for something innovative, e-mail us at  na hello@qzsolutions.pl or use the contact form.

Field Logs

A mobile / PC application for the current aggregation of data on field treatments, key events in the development of the crop and financial data correlated with the precise field.



Advanced tool for experimenting and creating new vegetation indexes, created for the scientists working with multi and hyperspectral data.


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