We create solutions bringing in positive changes in the agriculture sector.

We care for the agriculture world making use of modern technologies. At the same time we would like the technologies not to complicate but simplify and support such an important matter as agriculture work is.

Our company is dynamically developing thanks to European Union funds among others.

Increase effectiveness
of your cultivation now!

Our company is dynamically developing thanks to European Union funds among others.

Increase effectiveness of your cultivation now!

About us and what we do

We have been on the market since 2011 when we started working in research-and-development projects.

We started from creating and testing software for different sectors, so that after a few years we could start our own R&D activity regarding Artificial Intelligence and Multispectral Imaging in precision farming.

Badania i rozwój

Dzięki analizom różnych procesów w łańcuchu krytycznym możemy prowadzić badania nad zastosowaniem nowoczesnych rozwiązań technologicznych w bardzo newralgicznych momentach uprawy.

Nauczanie maszynowe i analiza obrazów

Światło słoneczne jest doskonałym nośnikiem nie tylko energii, ale również promieni, które po odpowiedniej analizie jesteśmy wstanie przetworzyć na informacje.

Sztuczna inteligencja

Uzyskane dane poddajemy obróbce wykorzystując przy tym sztuczną inteligencję (AI), która w znacznym stopniu ułatwia ich analizowanie oraz przyśpiesza cały proces.

Tworzenie produktów

Tworzenie wartościowego narzędzia jest wieloetapowym procesem, wymagającym ciągłego dopasowywania metod i środków względem pojawiających się wyzwań.

Research and development

Thanks to the analysis of different processes we run research in using modern technological solutions in very critical moments of cultivation.

Machine learning and image analysis

Our technology enables improvement in crop yield and production cost reduction.

Artificial Intelligence

We process the obtained data using artificial intelligence (AI) which to a large extent simplifies its analysis and speeds up the process.

Creating products

Creating a valuable tool is a multilevel process that requires constant solution adjustment to the problem.

Our productcs

Check out our applications. We create innovative solutions that boost Your results.

We focus on R&D projects in which the key elements are: machine learning and hyperspectral data processing that we use in our B2B products in precision farming sector.

YellowAI – rapeseed cultivation detection close at hand

YellowAI – ready to use algorithms used for rapeseed cultivation detection powered by artificial intelligence, packaged in a simple and user friendly tool set.

RSP alert – satellite crop monitoring

RSP alert allows you to monitor changes taking place in crops and determines their condition and stress using satellite imaging technology.

What is happening in our company

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NDVI and multispectral cameras usage

Increase in biomass is a key parameter allowing to evaluate the condition of cultivation in agriculture. In precision farming the source of this data can…

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