Our visit at the conference in Agriculture Chamber in Opole

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On Monday (7.10.2019) QZ Solutions presented its brand AgTechStudio on an event in Agriculture Chamber in Opole. Almost 100 local farmers participated in the event. One of the goals of the meeting was to raise awareness both on innovative technologies in agriculture as well as threats waiting for cattle farmers e.g. ASF

QZ Solutions had the chance to present its product portfolio presenting:

Field Books – all information about cultivation in one place, both from the telephone and tablet level.

Field Status Report our original service, its main goal is permanent monitoring of cultivation condition during vegetation season. This monitoring is made basing on satellite images, at the same time it provides precise look in the cultivation. Each detected anomaly is reported by text message or e-mail. Field Status Report has particular use in detecting losses on the fields (draught, hunting damage), which was appreciated on the presentation.

The last presented product was Grovigo – application dedicated for mobile platform (telephones, tablets) using which the farmer may detect pathogens in their cultivation by using telephone camera. After taking a photo of leaves the algorithm of machine learning classifies the health condition of a plant, specifying by which disease this cultivation may be affected.

Our products were very popular among the participants. Field Status Report was especially appealing as it is the answer for harder and harder cultivation conditions and providing permanent control in case of unforeseen events